company rules

How our customers, employees, dealers and owners can recognize us:


  • we prove feasibility of our customers’ expectations.
  • we keep our promises.
  • we base our business connections on reliability and long-term service principles.
  • securing our economic success makes us a permanent partner.
  • we see problems as a request to find solutions.


  • we cooperate with leading technology suppliers.
  • our employees belong to the best in the branch.
  • we use competence of all our employees to create customer benefits.
  • we tune the way and the scope of our customer care to their requirements.
  • through constant personal and technical training we continuously improve our market position.


  • looking ahead, we look for new ideas and adopt them consistently.
  • appreciating technological developments and building new competence, we are guided primarily by our customers’ benefits.
  • we look for chances in the proactive customer contact.
  • we improve constantly and with lasting effect.


  • our manufacturing process is so well organized that we deliver quality even if sometimes it must go especially fast.
  • decisions are made by those employees who know what it is about best of all.
  • we support personal responsibility of our employees by a lot of freedom in decision-making, as well as by progress control.

Partnership Principle

  • we consider our customers as partners.
  • we cooperate with our business partners on the equality basis.
  • our employees willingly share their knowledge with each other.
  • we consider openness as a must for a successful cooperation.
  • we look at successful projects as a common success of everybody.